Live, Love, Sangria!
Follow our story as we start a business using our home sangria recipe...

Happy New Year! I hope everyone has had a great start to 2009.

Things slowed down toward the end of 2008 but now we are back. Recently I’ve received a lot of emails asking me what’s going on with our sangria. So here an update…

– We have received all the state and federal approvals/licenses we need to make and distribute our sangria

– All design work is complete

– Labels are being printed as we speak

– We are currently working on marketing material

– If all goes well our first production run should occur very early in February

Overall we’ve had 2 issues come up that have severely delayed our progress. As many of you know our original goal was to have our sangria on the market this past summer. That sure didn’t happen. With those issues behind us we will be ready for the summer of 2009. Even though it is cold and many people would prefer a hot chocolate over a refreshing glass of sangria we are going to hit the streets.

We still have some major hurdles ahead of us and we’ll need your help. Once we are on the market we’ll need for everyone to march down to their local liquor store and ask for our product. I’ll be sure to let you know when to start.

Senor Sangria T-Shirt Contest!

Now onto some fun stuff! Here is our first contest. We are looking to make a bunch of different t-shirts with “sangria” related sayings on them. To the right is an example of one we printed out not too long ago.

If you have an idea for a witty t-shirt let us know. Click on the link below and submit your idea. Our sales team will review the sayings and we’ll print out t-shirts using the top 3 sayings. The people who submitted the winning sayings each will each receive 3 shirts (one shirt per saying). In addition we are working on a secret surprise for the winner.

Got Sangria?

<<< Click here to submit your t-shirt idea or just say “Hi” to us >>>

  • http://senorSangria Chris Poole

    Sangria is not just for Espania
    Go on give it a go

  • Deborah Ekstrom


  • Alex & Lucky

    Taste the tradition of Senor Sangria.

    From our Home to yours

    All you need to know about Great Sangria
    Senor Sangria

    Excellent Sangria for any occasion

    What time is it?
    Senor Sangria Time!!

  • Alex & Lucky

    Savor a Taste of Summer anytime with
    Senor Sangria

  • Alison Kurtz

    First of all, “HI!” Ok, here’s my hopefully witty idea:

    DRINK senor sangria.
    IT’S DELICIOUS – YOU’LL agria!

    www.(your website)

    (font doesn’t necessarily need to be caps, I’m just suggesting “senor sangria” and “agria” would be same logo type font.)

    Well, I think it’s cute :) (Hope you agria!)

  • Josh Rusev

    Senor Sangria – bottled happiness

    Where fruit gets happy…

    I would come to your party, but I heard Senor Sangria wasn’t invited.

    “Mas Senor, Por Favor”

  • Tim

    Ladies love to party with the Senor…
    ….Senor Sangria

    Si! Senor!
    ….the only response you hear when you bring Senor Sangria to the party

    Senor Sagria…the party is on!

  • Colleen B

    My suggestions:

    1. pitcher this! ( with a picture of the bottle)
    2. Spicey, Icey and Nice…senor-sangria….
    3. A little bit of this, a little bit of that…senor-sangria
    4. Get punched from Senor Sangria

  • Leta

    1. Si Senor (on front) …Sangria Por Favor (on back) website below

    2. Senor (on an angle in color, above sangria) SANGRIA (uppercase, verticle in color) using each letter of the word to desribe the sangria…. each of the other letters in black and lower case.


  • Ethan

    “Orange you glad I brought the Sangria?
    – el Senor”
    {images: with 2 orange slices for eyes and a lime wedge for a smile}

    “… step3: add garnish for a little excitement!? – Sangria [Senor style]”
    {images: an orange peel in the shape of a roller coaster with a bottle of senor sangria on the track}

    “Accessorize your Sangria! – senor style”
    {images: orange wedge on wine glass}

    “Back on track … whoo whoo!”
    {images: the senor sangria train with orange wheel wheels}

  • Brandon

    ==== FIRST ====
    Senor Sangria
    Lets get on with it!

    Senor Sangria.
    Promoting global laughter.

    Senor Sangria.
    Sweet, Sticky and Funny!

    Senor Sangria
    It makes us funny.

  • Brandon

    – bottle of sangria –
    Senor Sangria
    Makin’ Good Times Happen

    – bottle of sangria –
    Senor Sangria
    Good Times? Oh Yeah.

  • Jody

    hey all cant wait for some sangria.

    “aww sangria”
    One sangria.,two sangria,three sangria.

    LOL I know tacky but heck the kind I mix up here that saying says its all!

  • Alison Kurtz

    It’s sangria in a bottle – it’ll rub you the right way!


    It’s sangria in a bottle – it’ll make all your wishes come true!
    It’s sangria in a bottle – it’ll grant your wish for tasty pleasure!

    (Have a cartoon/picture of a genie (like the one from “I Dream of Jeannie”) saying which ever of these phrases.)

  • Alison Kurtz

    (picture of senor sangria)
    There’s nothing “fruity” about it.
    Well, except for the taste.

  • Sylvia


  • Andrea


  • christine nickles

    Senoritas LOVE Senior Sangria

  • Kate

    Sangria wine – mighty fine!