Live, Love, Sangria!
Follow our story as we start a business using our home sangria recipe...

We’re back!  We’ve been hard at work since you last heard from us, and a lot has happened.  But first…a step back.  Some of you might be here for the first time, so an introduction is in order. 

My name is Rick Martinez.  As a kid I always wanted to own my own business.  I began my career in IT and software development, gravitating towards start-ups.  I loved the challenge and accountability that came with being part of a small team.  Outside of work, I enjoyed spending time with family and friends…and we loved to have fun.  Over time I had developed my own sangria recipe, so naturally this came to be a staple at our parties and get-togethers.

One day, my then girlfriend/now wife said something that changed everything.  “Start a business.  Bottle your sangria and call it Señor Sangria.”  At first I didn’t take her seriously (I knew squat about the beverage industry), but one day I bought a bottle of sangria at the store and realized…it wasn’t sangria.  It was artificially flavored sweet wine.  After that day,  I never looked back. 

I left my career and sold my apartment for initial funding.  Three years were spent developing our brand and perfecting the formula.  A good wine as the base along with real fruit juices (and a few other secrets) resulted in a sangria that tasted authentic.  I began cold calling liquor stores and delivering from the back of my SUV, which soon became a van.  After bringing on some part time sales and establishing Señor Sangria in the marketplace, we brought on distributors. 

Today we distribute in NJ (35000 cases sold this year), NY, MA, CT, and we recently added MD, DE, and D.C.  At year’s end we project sales of 55,000 cases and $2.3 million in revenue.  We’re stoked but we’ve just begun.  Having perspective is important, but we don’t make it a habit to look back.  Chances are we’ll just see who’s gaining on us.

Cheers!  There’s more to come!

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