Live, Love, Sangria!
Follow our story as we start a business using our home sangria recipe...

One of the things that we always look forward to year after year is the continued establishment of our reputation. Repeat wine tastings are an awesome way to gauge this, because it puts you in front of the consumer for a brief, but almost intimate one-on-one. When they walk up to your table, you don’t know if they’ve heard of your product, if they like your product…heck, have they ever tried bottled sangria in the past, if so did they hate it? So while it’s obviously a great platform to advertise and promote, it’s also a litmus test of sorts for us. Earlier this year we showed up at the Wine Library supertasting, our third year running. When we were setting up, we found ourselves thinking back to our first year at this event. We definitely had no clue what to expect. Nervous as hell, is probably a better way to put it. Think about it, here we were, this never-heard-of bottled Sangria producer nestled in amongst table after table of all these fine wines. All these wine connoisseurs were swirling their glasses, sniffing the bouquet, and ever so daintily sipping. And then there’s us…shaking our bottle vigorously and pouring over ice! Quite the contrast…

Well, it turned out there was no need to fret; we enjoyed a very warm reception. And this year, we had folks coming up to our table telling us how much they loved Senor Sangria. Lots of folks recognized us, and many knew about us because a friend introduced them to our sangria. This was great to hear…an affirmation that we are definitely doing something right. Case in point, a couple came to our table to tell us how they came to love Senor Sangria. One day they came upon our bottle in their house. The couple was confused, because they honestly didn’t know how it got there. Some might question whether this is a good thing (“Honey, did you buy this booze? I don’t think I did…”), not the case here. After some deliberations amongst the two, they remembered that some friends brought it over some time ago. With the bottle’s origins confirmed, the next step was of course trying it. But…sangria in a bottle? The couple admitted to being cautiously hesitant. How can sangria in a bottle be good? The verdict?

“Wow, this sangria is really good!”


Before we close out, I wanted to loop back and give a much needed shout-out to Wine Library in Springfield, NJ. If you live close enough to check out their store, it is well worth the visit. It’s basically a gigantic vault of everything wine. Not in the area or don’t have the time? No problem, Wine Library has a massive online
presence (in fact, when you type “wine” into Google, they are on the first page of results). No access to the Internet (?) or don’t trust it? No problem. They’ll take your order over the phone as well (888-980-WINE).


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