Live, Love, Sangria!
Follow our story as we start a business using our home sangria recipe...

THANK YOU!!! We were extremely surprised and happy by the amount of feedback we received with our prior post. We got many comments on our site and many more emails. I’ve said it before and now I’m going to write it down for everyone to read it.

            “The sangria revolution has begun!”

When it comes to sangria one thing has become clear. People who drink it are passion about it. I’ve seen this in the comments and with each of the tastings we have done.

Unlike beer or wine sangria is something you drink with your friends and family. You normally won’t sit down to have a glass of sangria on your own. Because of this you are always surrounded with people you love and those memories are engrained in your mind.

Take this test, the next time you are around a group of friends tell them that you are in the mood for sangria. You’ll see smiles form on their faces, they’ll turn to you and tell you where they were the last time they had a glass of sangria.

Now my question to you is… When and where did you have your last glass of sangria?

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  • Mary-Ann O’Rorke

    I look forward to tasting your sangria. Sangria is truly a drink to be shared and enjoyed with friends. Viva la Senorsangria!