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Portuguese Feast, fun time and great sangria!

Monday, July 14th, 2008

This past June we went to the Portuguese Feast in Newark NJ. This is a great event. All of Ferry Street in Newark is closed down and there are local merchants and restaurants out on the street with there stands. Each stand is serving up something different. This is a good opportunity to get a taste of all the different foods that are available in this area of Newark.

There was music playing everywhere. You had everything from live music to DJ’s mixing it up for the crowd. The city of Newark did a great job of keeping it safe for everyone to enjoy.

In addition to the food vendors there were vendors selling merchandise (ceramic plates/pitchers, jewelry, cloths, etc…). You could definitely feel the sole of this city.

One thing you can see carried throughout the feast are jugs of sangria. Sangria was being sold everywhere. Of course we had to try it out for our selves. The sangria was fantastic. It hit the spot as we walked through the feast. Surprisingly it was legal to drink liquor on the street.

As we walked around we gathered some ideas for Senor Sangria which we’ll be sharing with everyone in the near future.

After a while we stopped to eat. I don’t know if it was the sangria but we had the best chorizo and BBQ’d chicken I have ever had.

If you are ever in NJ/NY during the month of June you should look to hit the Portuguese Feast. It is a 3 day event starting on Friday through Sunday. Every year the date is different but add this event to your must do list.

I’ll look for some online articles to share with you as I find them.