Live, Love, Sangria!
Follow our story as we start a business using our home sangria recipe...

At the end of October, we participated in the NJLSA (New Jersey Liquor Store Alliance) Tradeshow. This was our 3rd year at the show and we have always used this as an opportunity for leads and getting the word out about our company and our product. This year was a whole different experience, now that we had Shore Point and Peerless distributors on board. Lots of folks already knew about us and the feedback we received was humbling. Shore Point was also at the trade show, so our booth was right next to theirs. We were surrounded by all their fantastic staff and the love we received was tremendous. We really felt like part of the family, which makes this journey we are on….so much better! I started reflecting on the year to come and couldn’t help but get excited. Our brand will be so much stronger in 2012 and we can only go up from here! We would like to thank our distributors and our loyal customers for your continued support! We wouldn’t be here without you!

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