Live, Love, Sangria!
Follow our story as we start a business using our home sangria recipe...

On Saturday, January 28th we participated in a charity event organized by the family of Gerard’s Wine and Spirits located in Point Pleasant, NJ. We absolutely love this family! The mom, dad, and son are so nice and friendly! The support we have received from them is amazing! We are so grateful for the opportunity in getting to know this family and can’t thank them enough for exposing so many people to our product.

Many of the folks at this event have already tried our Red Sangria, but hadn’t had the opportunity to try our White. We definitely pushed our White sangria very hard, because a lot of them weren’t aware of it. We received so much positive feedback and everyone promised to buy a bottle of White and a bottle of Red, the next time they take a trip to their local liquor store. We also made friends with some wonderful people, who were also in the beverage industry. Hearing about their experiences really helped us become more knowledgeable and we appreciate them being so open and honest.

This was a great event for more exposure and increasing our confidence level. We have always been passionate about our sangria because we know it’s great product, but after this event we are confident that our product is here to last. We are forming a following of dedicated loyal customers that will continue to grow with us. Thanks again to the Gerard’s for including us in this wonderful event.

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