Live, Love, Sangria!
Follow our story as we start a business using our home sangria recipe...

These days it seems more and more that we are accomplishing what we
set out to achieve. Both Senor Sangria Red and White continue to be a huge
success. 2012 is rockin’ along with the summer heat. We’re psyched
and busy as hell as we are working hard to meet demand. But, July quickly
became August. In the blink of an eye September will arrive. Before
you know it, fall is here, and – for some reason – demand drops off
(note: Sangria tastes just as good in the fall!).

So the process of setting goals for 2013 that will dust 2012’s
accomplishments is once again on the forefront of our minds. We want
to keep our feet-on-the-street by continuing to sell and market
our brand. We want to sell more through today’s retailers and
distributors. We want to expand to more states. We want to add
more distributors. Heck, we might even want to introduce
something new… The list goes on and on!

We’ll keep you posted, but In the meantime…stay cool by drinking a big glass of sangria :) and Cheers to everyone!

  • Debby

    I have just discovered your Sangria and the word is spreading…it is absolutely fantastic!  Coming from San Diego, CA where Mexican food/sangria are plentiful, this is THE BEST sangria I have ever had.
    I happened upon it in a Shelter Island, NY liquor store where the owner had two liquor salesmen visiting and we were asked to try some samples.  I tried both the red and the white and what flavor they have, especially when chilled.  I immediately asked them where I could purchase it close to my home and they directed me to the place.  I was there the next week making the purchase of both kinds!  Thank you for all your hard work…I wish you much success.

    P.S.  I will be drinking it ALL YEAR ROUND  :)

  • Snype

    I sampled both the red and white in our local CT liquor store warehouse ( I am not certain if I can say the name of the store so I wont)
    This was the 1st “red” wine that I've ever liked so of course I purchased a bottle of red and white because I had a party and wanted my guests to enjoy it and it was a HUGE HIT.  

  • SenorSangria

    Hey Snype…

    Thanks for taking the time to send us this message. We are fairly new to the CT market and are trying our best to build up our following. Thank you for taking the time to sample our sangria. Please tell all your friends about our sangria we need all the help we can get.


  • joi

    My mother introduce me to you guys during a recent trip to New Jersey and I am hooked!!! I live in Jacksonville, FL. Is there a local store that sells your sangria??

  • Roycondell

    has anyone tried the red warm?  like a mulled wine? 

  • Guest

    I just received a bottle for Christmas…OMG…this is the best sangria I've ever tasted! Expand to Delaware please!

  • Cheryl

    Please expand to Albany, NY!!!

  • Cheryl

    Please expand to Albany, NY!!!