Live, Love, Sangria!
Follow our story as we start a business using our home sangria recipe...

This past week was another busy one. Most notably we received our 1st iteration at the label design for our sangria bottles. It was great to see the passion and feedback every displayed as they left comments regarding each of the designs.

We’ve begun to summarize the feedback and will be delivering it with our own thoughts to the design team later this week. We’ll receive the next iteration from them within the next couple of weeks and we’ll poll our sangria community one more time.

Our competitors must be nervous as they read our blog. The clock is ticking before we start to take away from their market share. (I doubt we have any competitors reading our blog)

In addition to meeting up with the designers this week we are going to be pounding the pavement and meeting up with more retailers. Our goal is to lock in about 50 retailers who are interested in our product before we go into production. This will take a lot of effort but we feel fairly confident we’ll be able to pull it off.

It also looks like we’ll be finalizing a decision on our office space. This is a huge step for us and one that is needed for us to receive our wine wholesale license.

I’m going to keep this update fairly short today but I will leave you with a question.

———— What is your favorite type of “Sangria Pitcher”? ————

My answer: A full one! Below is a picture of a great looking “sangria pitcher”. A good friend took a picture of it. Notice that sexy little bottle of sangria strategically placed next to the pitcher. Brian, thanks for the picture. You did a great job of making it look very tasty.

Senor Sangria Pitcher - FULL!

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