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What is your favorite Senor Sangria label design? » Concept #1

Concept #1

  • Barbara

    Concept number one is the best. Vibrant colors, has a fall, spring and summer feeling to it. This would catch my eye in the store. Makes you want to have a party! Good luck with the selection process!

  • Helen Fedors

    I agree I like #1 the best. It depicts the sangria as full of great stuff. All the fruit just bursting right out at you.
    The others are OK but this one definitely has the WOW! factor attached to it. HF

  • Erika gehringer

    I really like this one. It seems like the swirlies are showing how much flavor is in the fruit. It is very vibrant, colorful and it makes me want to drink lots of it. Good luck!

  • John O’Neal

    by far from a marketing standpoint…from a festive look…from a party drank…eye catching…vibrant label…walk into the spot and say “hey look what I got”…this one is the best…all the colors and sweet fruits…make u wanna jump in!
    great concepts and looks like your on your way my friend…:up:

  • Debbie Tyler

    I like this one a lot when I take a closer look but from a distance it doesn’t have as much visual impact as Concept 5 and 2.

  • Sean Larkin

    I like this one with adding the foil from number 4 to it, really looks like a party waiting to happen ..Good Luck

  • Michael Imhoff

    This looks better close up than it does from a distance. I like it though…

  • Roach

    This one would have greate shelf presence, but it’s almost too crowded. The brand name seems to be pushed out a bit at the top and is definitely overshadowed by the graphic. Tough choice between this and #2

  • Matt Marinec

    Very impressive desings. THis one immediately sticks out as the best in my opinion. It has a perfect mix of class and pizazz, it’s not too girly as i think one of the others was, and it represents the variety of flavours that make up a good sangria. I think you’re really onto something here and this design has my vote.

  • Dan Troup

    I like this one, but I’d like to see the revellers in the background a little better or put one more in the foreground. I like the size of the Senor Sangria label. Brand recog. will be crucial. Also, where is the sombrero?

  • Tim

    I like this one the best . . . eye catching colors, drawing is interesting . . . but I would add some other fruit graphics to emphasize that there’s more in there than just orange juice and wine. Maybe an apple slice?

    Sure looks like a party in a bottle!

  • Ivory

    I have to agree with Tim add some other fruit, but Bottle 1 – two thumbs up. . . . .

  • Russ

    Hey Rick,

    Great label, interesting project. This label is alive and because I buy labels all to foten the colors and emotions would encourage me to try.

  • Taylor Reynolds

    Best by far!The color combination is great and the design is simple.

  • Mary-Ann O’Rorke

    My vote is for #1 It is beautiful and the picture says it all. It will be the selling point. Vive la Senor Sangria!!!! Good luck Mary-Ann

  • Brian

    A close second to #2. Looks a little more “fun”, but does not have the signature flare that I get from S. I do like the red capping over the orange on #2.

    I can’t tell what the small print says…does it pay homage to the real fruit juices?

    That “S” could be a very easy way to separate your product from the others on the shelf. It could also easily carry over in to, say, a branded complimentary spice blend for excellend pork roast, chicken, fresh seafood…(recommendations to follow). What about a sexy neon light S?

    I’m excited! Bring on the big bottles!

  • Michelle and Orley Lago

    Absolutely LOVE #1. It took us seconds to determine that we really favored this design because it is tasteful, fun and definitely an eye catcher.
    Least favorite is #5 (it reminds us of tropicana).

  • Chad Krueger

    #1 is the winner hands down! It’s festive, eye catching, vibrant…..screams buy me and have a party! Can’t wait for the 1.5L bottles!


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  • Purplefern

    I love this colorful label because it represents the fruity robust flavor of the sangria. The minute I tasted this sangria I loved it. I think the labels says drink me and you'll love me!!!!! :o) I sure did.

  • Chelle0905

    Yes…looking at this label shows a robust arrange of flavors

  • Chelle0905

    Yes…looking at this label shows a robust arrange of flavors

  • Denise

    the colors remind me how fruity and delicious this sangria is!