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What is your favorite Senor Sangria label design? » Concept #5

Concept #5

  • John O’Neal

    simple…but just says one thing to me…orange juice…blah

  • Erika gehringer

    good, but I feel like I have seen it before. I agree with John…I think of OJ when i see it.

  • Debbie Tyler

    Has the most visual impact. It was the first to catch my eye. I didn’t think of OJ until I read the other comments.

  • Sean Larkin

    Clean and simple but the Orange may be a problem !

  • Roach

    I like the simplicity of this one and it does stand out on the shelf, but it does speak more to fruit juice than the whole sangria package.

  • Dan Troup

    No good. looks like a Bacardi product. Multi-colored, different fruit wedges might be interesting.

  • Brian

    It does not stand out much to me. Maybe it is becuase there is only the orange, like Dan said, or the font on the Senior Sangria.

    Also, what I really like about #2 is that it boasts your use of fresh ingredients. And you can see the pulp at the bottom of the bottle when it sits for a while.

    A label reading “Classic Sangria” to me would not stand out on a shelf. Some of the best responses I have gotten from friends and family are from folks that HAVEN’T liked sangria in the past (most are beer drinkers – dudes), but LOVED yours. One guy, a sworn beer basics dude (nothing but Bud, Yuengling, Miller, and Corona), tried it, and the pitcher was gone 30 minutes later.