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What is your favorite Senor Sangria label design? » Concept #4

Concept #4

  • John O’Neal

    better…3rd best for me…however the main caption is just a repetative word…label looks less cheesey at top…but still screams cheap imitation to me…blah

  • Erika gehringer


  • Debbie Tyler

    I like the “cheesy top”. I think it would make it stand out though the label itself is a bit boring.

  • Roach

    Too basic and uses the art from the other bad one…

  • Leta

    I disagree…like this one alot. I think the top of the bottle will stand out and I think the label is slick and clean.

  • Mabel Villanueva

    Your designers decided to make up there own letter (take a look at the E…it should be Ñ).
    This design reminds me of something but I can’t pinpoint what. I must agree that the top design does nothing for me, it also reminds me of cheap or grade school. I think a strong solid color may work better there.