Live, Love, Sangria!
Follow our story as we start a business using our home sangria recipe...

It’s simple:

  1. View the video
  2. Click on each label design to see a larger image
  3. Leave a comment telling us which is your favorite below the video

Please don’t hold back, be passionate about your decision! Tell us what you like and what you hate. We need all the help we can get.

  • Lucinda

    I like Concept #1~

  • Ricardo

    I have to agree concept 1 is very good.

  • Ken

    I really like #1. concept #w concept# concept #

  • Deborah

    I love concept #1, Splash of color with the red neck is a very nice balanced design. The design has a painted on look to it. I collect beautiful wine bottles… I also like the writing on the red neck. Concept #2 with the Jazzy “S” is a close second, classy, sets tone of “Senor Sangria”. Concept #3 is overdone and I do not like the square look label, looks to “cartoony” The others are too simple in design.

  • Ricardo

    I like Concept #1

  • David

    I don’t like 3 or 4, both have that wallpaper feel with the fruit collage. #1 is probably my favorite. I like 5 & 2 as well although the orange cut on 5 may confuse people not very familiar with Sangria. Go with 1.

  • Joe P

    I am going to jump on the band wagon here and agree that #1 is number one. The design is exciting and clearly depicts the fruit in the bottle and envokes a explosion of flavor. #5 does not have any grapes, #4 is too plain but I do like the colored top, #2 is cool but still no grapes. I personally think #3 is well done also, but it doesn’t compare to #1. The square design is very similiar to other wines.

  • Steve Runyon

    I like the textual aspects of #1 and the branding aspects of #2. The text of #1 makes it clear that this is Senor Sangria, not just any red bottle. The big “S” on #2 makes it recognizable from across a room. If you put the white text from #1 above the “S” and added some purple grapes for color, maybe you’d have the best of both…?

    The first thing I thought of when I saw #3 was the Beaujolais Nouveau label. It doesn’t really look so much like it, but you might want to stand out a little more in the spring when people are ramping up their purchases of BN and sangria.

    #4 is too corporate.

    In this time of Miller Chill and Bud Lime (or whatever the Bud one is), #5 says “wine with a hint of orange”.

  • Shenaz

    #1 is good – but lose the people in the image. #2 is nice maybe change the color of the top to the same as #1.

  • Marie Russell

    Love design #5 because its “clean” and simple. #1 is really great and probably the best of the best although I love the font of #3 for bottle #1. The design is really busy for there to be a busy font as well so its almost hard to distinguish Senor Sangria on #1. Maybe adjust the font on it and make it a bit more simple. Just my thoughts. Best of luck to you guys!

  • David

    I like #1 but the top of #4

  • Michael Imhoff

    I agree with Shenaz, can you get rid of the people dancing and only have things related to Sangria in the picture. It’ll have cleaner lines… I can’t decide between 1 and 5….

  • Steven

    Honestly, I don’t think any of the choices are great design-wise, though the colors are nice and appropriate for the product. I happen to be one of those people who enjoy wine labels. Your product’s label, in a way, makes a statement about yourself, your company, or anything really. It can be humorous, serious, playful, or whatever you want. I think you may have missed the mark with the above five concepts. Personally, I feel that concepts #2 and #4 are the only truly interesting labels. Concept #2 makes one stop to consider what that orange design is on the label. While #4, without the fruity foil- I’d go black or red, makes a clear, bold, and unashamed statement that there is sangria in side. Concept #1, with a black foil instead of red, is the most commercial of all the choices. I could see it sitting on the self at the local market next to a loaf of white-bread with a picture of a loaf of bread on the label. Boring and generic. Sorry.

  • Wangsta

    #1 is best at the moment though using text from #5, simply for legibility from mid-distance.

    #5 is great, and if you juxtapose grapes in front of (maybe behind?) the orange, you’ll keep the simplicity of the design but remove ambiguity about the product

  • Adam Becker

    I love concept #2…if you’re competing for shelf space with wine, then #2 gives you a look that says your sangria is of a quality that would appeal to someone who enjoys fine wine…the design looks like it would be very comfortable sitting on a $30 wine bottle. It sort of reminds me of the Yellow Tail label a bit; and that worked out pretty well for them!

    I like #5 as well, as it’s very clean cut. But it sends a very different message with the fruit; I think this label appeals to someone who’s going for the fruity flavor more than the wine content. So it really depends on what your price point is. If you’re going for $10-12, then #5 could be appropriate. If you think you want to try to position Senor closer to $20 or higher (and as a substitute for wine), #2 is your choice.

    As for the others, I really don’t like #1 or #3. #4 is neutral to me; it’s OK, but I don’t think it really does much for you one way or the other.

  • Ron Hunniford

    I like #1 and #2 the best. I personally would consider the primary distribution channels and the target price to decide between the two. #2 may appeal more to the upscale and elegant crowd while #1 will appeal more to the common shopper looking to try something “fun” versus “elegant”. #2 will have more appeal on a table of an upscale restaurant than #1 but #1 may have more appeal in a local family run spanish or cuban restaurant.

    #4 may be a good “middle of the road” compromise with a solid color top but their would need to be more emphasis on the Senor of Senor Sangria

    Just my thoughts

  • Sara Kahn

    hi rick,

    when looking at the bottles all at the same time, #5 stands out the most because of the bold graphical design. BUT upon closer inspection, it’s not reflective of your brand. the font choice and the one slice of orange does not say “festive” or “authentic” or “passion”.

    #5 does reflect many of these brand properties but doesn’t say “authentic”. i agree with losing the people. the fruit treatment stylish and attractive but the graphic treatment overall is very retro. it reminds me of 70’s movie posters – think hair. you should ask your designer to do some variations on this theme that may be reflective of hispanic/spanish art styles (spain, mexico, etc. – like frida kahlo, diego rivera, joan miro, botero, even latin folk art like the murals in zafra) to get a more authentic feel. a lot of latin art is bright colors and bold treatments. your designer could redo concept 1 in a hispanic/spanish art style with one singular motif.

    when you further narrow down the options, you should have your designer create a mock shelf with your competitive brands. place each design next to your competition to see how it compares. that will be the real test.

    #2 – the S looks like a saxaphone and your message gets totally lost. you don’t want people to be confused about the product.

    #3 may be a bit too feminine with the bright pink colors and the cartoon effect is very prevalent now in some cookbooks

    #4 does nothing for your brand or for me, the consumer. it is simply descriptive of what’s inside. i am not intrigued or motivated.

  • Sara Kahn

    sorry, i meant to say #1 is in paragraph 2

  • Spike

    #1 and #4 look good to me.

    #1 says buy me.

  • Jenny

    I’m torn between #1 and #2. I like #1 because of the colors. It looks like fun. Perfect for a party. #2 on the other hand looks more elegant. Something I wouldn’t mind taking to a dinner, or giving as a gift. The orange label may be a bit too much though. I think if it was black the orange from the label would stand out more and catch more attention.

  • Arthur Stewart

    You know I rarely have options about such things. But, have you ever seen the Steve Martin movie, LA Story? There is a scene where he and his girlfriend and he are at a dinner party and she is talking to another woman while he is listening. Her friend says.. you look fabulous! She says. you know what I do to get ready? I put on my best outfit, spend an hour on my hair, do my makeup and put on my jewelry. Then, I turn my back to the mirror and at just the right moment.. I turn around.

    The first thing that catches my eye… I take it off. It’s what keeps me from going over the top. That one little reduction brings it all together. Her friend responds with …. oh my god… you are so right. (They have had a moment) Good thing the first thing she saw wasn’t her top.

    Well. That’s what #1 does for me. It looks like #3… with that little reduction. #4 and #2 are crap. #5 is quite nice if your selling orange juice.

  • John Dinsmore

    #1 is by far the best- it evokes a blend of flavors that combine to make a beautiful Sangria. #5 looks nice, but you get the feel of an orange flavored alcohol-maybe not Sangria-this would be my 2nd choice. #2 is elegant, but it does not say enough- what does S mean?

    I have been to Spain and saw that sangria is not some hoity toity fancy schmanzy drink. It is drunk by those who are looking for something lighter or more fun and refreshing than wine. If I had to choose, #1 is tops by far. It is a tossup between #5 and #2. The other designs do not say sangria-there is only doubt which is conveyed.

  • Roach

    I think one is the call. #2 may lose some folks who don’t take the time to read the label and realize it’s sangria not wine. #1 tells you up front with no question – “I’m Sangria…Buy me!” Looking forward to seeing on the shelf!

  • D-Block

    Like many others, I’m a fan of #1. It’s bold and says to the consumer, “This isn’t your ordinary bottle of sangria.” I agree that the folks dancing in the background should go, but you need to continue that color on a different piece of fruit. Perhaps an apple in the background instead of the dancing dude.

    It might also be helpful to see how label #1 looks on a bottle of white sangria. The canvas does matter in this case. What looks great on the dark red may not gel with the green bottle.

    Having the text look clean and neat is too fine wine for me. Truthfully, I like to buy bottles of wine that don’t have a pencil sketch of the vineyard on them. It’s just too damn traditional and that is not what you or your product are about.

    Also, I would have your designers pair two bottles next to each other before you make a final decision. The orange slices of #5 on a shelf next to each other kind of looks like a set of knockers. Maybe that’s just my perverse mind, but hey you asked for the truth right?

    Either way, #1 has the best color, distinction, and branding potential in my opinion.

  • Gregory

    I agree with Spike, #1 and #4. #1 says, Buy Me. Good Luck!!

  • Lance C.

    I have to go against the grain on this one. I believe concept #5 is clean, concise and easy to remember/recognize. Concept #2 is the runner-up.

  • Loretta

    This is so exciting!!! My favorites are #1 and #2. The writing on the red top on #1 looks really good, but I also like the orange top of #2. As far as the bottle, # 1 is more fun and #2 is more sophisticated and artsy. It just really depends on who you want to appeal to I guess. I would personally buy either one. :) Good luck with the decision.

  • Paul Burani

    I think #5 looks like it’s trying to be another wine bottle. #2, the S reminds me of a king cobra which makes me uneasy. #3 I like the artwork, but the typeface I think diminishes from the recognition of the word Sangria. It was hard to choose between 1 and 4, but I think 1 gets the nod for really capturing the essence of the sangria experience… the camaraderie and togetherness, playfulness and warmth — what you described when I met you at Andre’s meeting back in March. Plus #4 uses a typeface which kinda reminds me of Debbie Gibson, stonewashed jeans, VW Cabriolets, Reaganomics, etc.

    Nice work Rick. Really coming along.

  • Colleen

    Usually I am a minimalist…I like simple labels, so at first glance, # 5 appealed to me. It reminded me of a very expensive wine that I purchased in a black bottle with a simple round cream colored label with the wine name embossed on it. However, when I think of Sangria, I think party, people and fun! #1 reflects that. Plus, you want the bottle to stand out from the many others on the liquor store shelves or at the bar….color will help. I am one of those who purchases beverages in unique or interesting bottles because I am overwhelmed when I have to choose from so many. I thought # 2 would have been interesting if the S and all the colors wrapped around the bottle.

  • Jose Antonio Jorge

    It is not easy to take a decision,because I like #1 and #5 designs…But personally I like #5 ,because it’s simply and perfect…Any label will be perfect if it matches with the good taste of the sangria…Congratulations again and good luck….keep in touch with me guys and let me know when it’ll be in the Jersey City market because I want to be the first to share your Sangria with my family and friends.

  • Mark Gillett

    Concept #1, followed by Concept #2.
    If the views of a token Brit are of any value.
    Nice work, and good luck with the launch.

  • Katie Ackers

    I DO NOT like numbers three of four. They are too eighties day-glow for me, and would only appeal to one type of consumer. Any of the others, in my opinion would be very nice, and more versatile! However, two and five are my favorties. They are simple and distinct!

  • Lindsay Busch

    I may get stoned here, but I really like number 2! to me it looks sexy, masculine and reminds me of a matador and gave me a spanish vibe.

    I, like everyone else, like #1 but I like the red dancing people and wish you could see them better. I am just strictly a consumer with no design skills; however, I do have drinking skills!

    #3: Looks like a cheap boxed wine to me and screams headache and hangover!

    #4 Just not exciting to me

    and #5 Looks very professional but think will get lost in the mix of all the other bottles that look so similar.

    So , when do we get to take a test drive and have a sip?

  • William Lopez

    Hey Rick, I like 1, 3, and 4.
    The creative design is nice on both, but the script is nicer and livelier on 3. I think concpet number four is very nice, classy script and a bit more elegant in terms of overall presentation. Maybe the perfect concept would be a hybird of 3 and 4 for the perfect design and presentation. Question, why are you limited to one concept design. Why couldn’t there be three variations of the product, a Red a WHite and a Premium Red that would each be represented by one of the three selected concepts I chose?

    Looking good, congrats on another historic step that will fulfill your Sangria dream.

    Billy Lopez

  • christine nickles

    order of preference:

    2 1 3 4 5

    go with your instinct……’ll make the right choice
    Since you can’t seem to decide………..perhaps you need to start over again.
    Perhaps a symbol like the Gecko for Geico
    …. a little man in a poncho with sombrero over his eyes with a mule kicking him—Sangria with a kick!

  • Brian Besthorne

    I like #5 and 1. They both give it a high end look.

  • Kathy

    This is a really hard choice! I had to really look at these and think of how they would look on the shelf and decide which labels would really draw me to pick up the bottle in order to take a second look. My overall favorite is #1 with the pictures of all of the fruits. It is fun and flirty but still very clean at the same time with the bold colors. It doesn’t overwhelm but makes a statement that tells me it is certainly worth a look, then a try! Number 5 comes in second with the large oranges on it which makes the label bright and stand out. I think, though, that more fruit needs to be included so people like me don’t get the feeling it is orange sangria. What can I say? 😉 Number 4 comes in to third place. I like the simple label with the colorful foil.
    Good luck making the final choice!

  • Andre

    Yes, Rick that’s me.
    Between #1, #2, #3 and the others were eliminated. #2 has a feel for a shelve in a wine-store/maybe too upscale – and that’s why #2 is winning. #1 is colorful and so what? It has also the upscale touch. #2 is low key but has this flavor of stability and calm/sort of compensating it is wine and could be meant for the opposite. Also feels like it will stay for a long time. It ‘s a logo here to stay. Probably what you need the most between the 3

  • Aimee

    I’d buy #2. Not a fan of # or #3 at all. #1 would be second choice but I like the image that #2 portrays.

  • Swati and Sapan

    Great work! We like #1 the best, it is really colorful and makes you feel the sangria vibe. Concept #2 is also nice, the S is eye-catching, but it does not make you think of sangria like #1 – it could be just another bottle of wine. Good luck with the final choice!

  • Zhaohua Meng

    I like # 2 better. The color combination and the S have a high-end feeling.

  • Virginia

    Hi Rick,

    I am torn between #1 and #4. The colors in # 1 are vibrant and eye-catching. However, I also like the elegance and simplicity of # 4. It’s difficult to choose, but these 2 are the ones I like most. The ball is in your court now. Good luck with you final choice.

  • Reina Perez

    The selection for your label should be depending on the price you have in mind for Senor Sangria. However, I have to admit that my attention was drawn to #1. I think #1 would be your money maker. Good Luck!

  • Dustin

    I like Concept 1 then 5 then 2. I hate 3 and 4. But 5 reminds me of something else. Maybe Bacardi Lemon. Best of Luck!

  • Rae Crosson

    This is fun!

    I totally hands down- with no hesitation like #5 the best- It’s clean, bold, and eye catching. The realistic style of the illustration seems almost botanical, which to me suggests natural and pure. It’s no-nonsense, and elegant at the same time. My eye went right to that one when I just saw the thumbnails, and the larger image only strengthened my opinion. That’s definately the one that would most stand out on a shelf full of other bottles, and draw you accross the wine shop for a closer look.

    2nd place is #1. It has something of the same feel as #5, but a bit fussier, more going on. It’s not as bold a statement as the other.

    3rd place is a tie between 2 and 4, but neither one seems all that different from what else is out there on the market. They are both very good, but I don’t feel thay are all that special…

    OK, last place is #3. Maybe it’s just a purely personal reaction, but I’ve never really liked that loose cartooney style of illustration, it reminds me of generic clip art, like what a greek diner would use on the “wine list”menu.

    Yup, #5 gets my very strong vote!

  • Pam Sanfilippo

    Hey!!! Thanks for including the “craters” in this.

    I love #1 and #5.

    #1 is great because of all the color. It is eye catching and all that color just makes me think: Yum!!!

    I love #5 from an aesthetic standpoint: it’s simple, it’s bold. From a marketing standpoint I wonder though if it is just a bit too simple.

    Good luck! Can’t wait to see what you choose!

  • Lauren Pegas

    OK, so I think your final decision is going to be based on YOUR ideal demographic. Personally, I feel #s 2,3 and 4 have the bright colors that might attract a younger more wine cooler/flavored brandy kind of crowd (not that there’s anything wrong with that, Mr. Blakhaus!!!). If, however, a more mature, appreciative wine crowd is your target, I think #5 and #1 look like the kind of bottle you would bring to a dinner/small gathering as a stand out among the typical wines that everyone else brought. I feel that #5 should/would cost a little more that #1 (meaning I’d also have higher expectations of #5) and that the label back should include the best ways to serve sangria (temperature, fruit accents, etc) as well as what food it pairs best with. Hope this helps and can’t wait to hear how things net out…keep us all posted!!

  • banteron

    I like Concept #3. It looks more traditional than the others, and reads Fruity to me. When I think Sangria I think dark, fruity red.

  • Jane Cafasso

    Love Label # 1 and all of the great color. It’s very exciting and stands out. Makes you want to buy the bottle to taste what is inside:

  • Jane Cafasso

    Love label # 1. Very colorful and exciting. Makes you want to buy it to taste what is inside.