Live, Love, Sangria!
Follow our story as we start a business using our home sangria recipe...

Check out our latest label design below. We took the feedback that we received from the site over the past few weeks and incorporated into the latest label design.

Take a few minutes to think about the design and leave us a comment.

Caption stuff

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  • Sherry

    Great Choice!

  • Christine Coster

    Love it, love it, Love it! Best of luck!!

  • Colleen

    This is an fine example of GREAT packaging. I’m sure once this gets on the shelf, people will automatically be drawn to it. Great Job guys!!! Best of Luck!

  • Tim

    It sucks.

    It sucks because I don’t have any of what’s behind the label.

    If I had some, then it wouldn’t suck.

    Until I have more…

    It will continue to suck.

  • Marie Russell

    YES! YES! YES!

  • Jen

    Love it! Very eye catching and doesn’t look like every other bottle in the stores. Good luck!

  • Ray Cruz

    Love the new design. It looks very festive without being too cheesy or over the top. Congrats! Very nicely done!

  • Jimmy

    How about you bring some of that devil’s juice over and we’ll discuss the label. Better yet, lets discuss family discount !!!

    Great Choice!!!!!

    Don’t forget as Director of Latin Advertising for Senor Sangria.. OK OK.. Translator… still waiting for a call…

  • Blanca

    The design looks great! It looks like it tastes really good just by the label.

  • Tim

    “Director of Latin Advertising…” LOL….Here’s your latin advertising advice for the West Coast. Change the label and just put “BUD LITE” on it! Hey look…now I’m the “Director of West Coast Advertising” :) :)

  • mattsito

    Big improvement!

  • Ethan

    Perfect choice for the final design! They have incorporated all the best aspects of the other designs into one. Eye catching design, solid use of the orange slice, easy to find the name, and a cool topper so you can find the bottle when it’s laying on its side. It’s a great mix between fresh fun and classic looks. I like it!

  • Roach

    Looks great! Hope to see it on a shelf near me very soon.

  • Lillian & Jose


    Very Nice Design. We like it.

    Good Luck
    Lillian & Jose A. Valladares

  • Luke DeRosa

    We e-mailed each other concerning the purchase of a Audi. I like the design. It’s eye catching, Colorfull and I believe people will be drawn to the bottle. Good luck and let me know when I can purchase it.

  • Brad Paden

    I didn’t comment on the other labels…but I had to on this one. I don’t even drink and this label makes me want some. No joke. You did an awesome job of bringing together the best design yet. Good luck man!

  • Sara

    hey rick –
    this looks amazing. very festive and eye catching. i do have a couple of thoughts on the senor sangria font. it definitely looks more polished than that on your site. i am not sure that it matches the feel of the artwork. your existing font treatment is more rustic and i think that treatment may be more appropriate. i like how the grapes “point” to the name of the product. also, i noticed that some of our red wines at home have a red wrapper on the bottle neck. you may want to change the color of the red somewhat (maybe more orange) so that it further differentiates the product.
    when is the launch? can’t wait to try it with The Cheese Ambassador cheese collections (how’s that for a shameless plug!)

  • Barbara

    I am so excited about the label! It’s the one I chose! I love it! I can’t wait to see the final product sitting on my dinner table! Best of Luck to you!

  • Rebekah

    i love the label…cant wait to try some…i’ll be in your part of town in a few weeks…i’ll email you!!!

  • Reina Perez

    I like this concept. However, I would change the red color on the bottle neck. The red on the bottle neck is too close to the red on the design. I would use another color to differentiate the design from the bottle neck. I feel this distinction would make the entire product more noticeable and appreciable. Good Luck!

  • Ron Hunniford

    It simply, looks great. Can’t wait to pick one up at the nearest store.

  • Debbie

    Looks great! I can’t wait to buy some.

  • Oscar

    Excellent choice, Rick! The label is great…colorful, eyecatching, relevant…great for marketing the product! The samples were well received at our party! We can’t wait to buy it off the shelf! Saludos desde California…O & G

  • Chris Gehringer

    Fantastic! I have one bottle left — wondering if I should keep it as a piece of history . . . or just drink it! Keep at it Rick. Can’t wait to celebrate with you guys. Let’s meet this weekend or next week!

  • Laura

    I think it is an attractive bottle. It is a clean design yet the colors pull you in.

  • Colleen B

    The bottle looks like a portable party! I like the way the label wraps around in 3/4 fashion…unique. The wrapper on the bottle neck would work in any of the colors on the label palette. Good job!

  • Sean


  • kristen connell

    it’s beautiful! seriously, the colors and the movement, the way it wraps around the bottle like an octopus! it’s fun and elegant at the same time – not easy to pull off. I love the image of the orange… it creates that strange juxtaposition between a citrus fruit and a wine bottle. then your eye wanders down to “senor sangria” and it all comes together.
    the only critique i’d make is on the wrapper at the top of the bottle. it looks a little like italian wrapping paper :( i’d go with a more festive color – maybe orange or lime green. and maybe even a different pattern, like concectric circles or subtle orange slices. i get that it is leveraging the swirly things from the label, but it ain’t doin it for me. :)
    overall, it’s awesome – i’m really impressed by all that you’ve accomplished! go bro!!

  • John Dinsmore

    Congratulations!!!! The design is fantastic. The design is beautiful in a very tasteful way, but it manages to catch your eye. It is elegant for a modern design. All in all, it is one sangria that I believe people will not pass up. Please do not listen to any naysayers that criticize this design, but do not offer any constructive suggestions. I believe strongly that if this design were to be left as it is, it would be praised by most, if not all. Please do not hesitate to contact me for further communication.

    Respectfully yours,
    John Dinsmore
    International Traveler
    (213) 923-5728.

  • Mary-Ann O’Rorke

    It looks fresh, alive and inviting! I think it will be an eye-catcher on the shelf. I think you’ve got it!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck! Mary-Ann

  • Swati and Sapan

    Love the final choice – very colorful and eye-catching! Good luck and can’t wait to try some :)

  • Deborah

    This is it! It’s beautiful and I am happy that you decided to go with this particular design.
    The colors are beautiful and as I mentioned before I love collecting bottles with beautiful
    artwork. This one will be on my shelf. Now I await the the promise of paradise… the sangria
    itself. Best of luck in launching the your sangria.
    Deborah E.
    Scottsdale AZ

  • Steve & Sherri

    Awesome! Definitely an attention-getter. Go for it!

  • Zhaohua Meng

    Very very cool….

  • Ivan


    Outstanding label. It symbolizes what sangria is all about and its origen.

  • Jose

    Bueno!! Looks great. Will definitely differentiate itself from other bottles on the shelf. You can also use different foil colors for the different sangria varieties you will roll out.

  • Antoinette P

    Thank you for sharing this with me. The label looks great. I would have loved to see your other choices. This is so nice that I would love to see the study.
    Please keep me posted of were I can purchase. Sara K has gotten me hooked on making Sangria from her recipe and beautiful photo on The Cheese Ambassador website.

  • Mark

    I’ts not nearly as sexy as the eSchedule logo but hey, what the hell is???

  • Byron Augustine

    Outstanding design …. Looks like I’ll have a new reason to drink very soon.

  • Josh Rusev


    I like the colors on this one. For those of us who like Sangria (most who are commenting here I imagine) this label brings out the reason we like it. Great job!

  • Brian Besthorne

    Looks great! I can’t wait to try it.

  • Jamie DiFabrizio

    Wow! I think it looks awesome…very colorful, tasteful, and unique…looking forward to buying some! Congratulations and much success!

  • Lia

    I like the layered look with the fruit and swirly design. Very cool.

  • Laura

    Excellent … the label is a real attention-getter and it looks like a fun party in a bottle. I would definitely buy it.

  • Stephanie

    LOVE IT, great graphics
    sends a message of fun :)!

  • Venisha

    It’s Perfect!

  • Kevin Brennan

    love it. hip, fruity and spanish-lookin’

  • aly

    love the colors – it will really “pop” off the shelf! great design, looks like a very refreshing drink and i can’t wait to buy a bottle! the swirls are great – gives it a little bit of an edge

  • SE

    I Love It! Colorfol, Festive, Eye-Catching – great choice!

  • Liz

    It’s OK…I like the design…but the overall feel is supermarket shelf-ish (by putting a picture of the contents/ingredients on the label).

    When you go to the wine store, you know those bottles are gonna be full of crushed grapes or fruit…so why bother putting it on the bottle? It seems to me many wine makers are using designs that are eye-catching and have absolutely nothing to do with the contents or ingredients of their product…I would take that approach. This