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Check out our latest label design below. We took the feedback that we received from the site over the past few weeks and incorporated into the latest label design.

Take a few minutes to think about the design and leave us a comment.

Caption stuff

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  • John L

    It’s definitely a fun, eye-catching label. The dark background really adds a great amount of contrast to the brighter colors in the foreground. However, I feel that it’s definitely trying to look “hip” and appeal to a younger crowd. For something called Senor Sangria, the packaging seems to lack any sort of Spanish influence, which might aid in adding a sense of credibility and authenticity for other potential target markets.

  • Kendra

    The label looks great. It looks very festive and lively…what you want out of a good sangria!

  • Sam


  • Desiree

    I like it a lot; very colorful and festive!

  • Melody

    I haven’t seen the other ones, so don’t know the other feedback. I think the label looks great. The fruit sells the product. Can’t see the back – hopefully there’s a story about your company that makes the locals want to support you.

  • Katie

    The label looks fun. Eye-catching. I’d buy it. The orange & limes look appetizing.

  • Tara

    I love the bright colors! It makes me think of fun, happy times. I would definitely be attracted to this label and buy a bottle!

  • Ed

    PLEASE READ THIS!!!! First this cavet- This suggestion is coming from a male who drinks sangria. If stats show more women drink sangria than men, forget I ever wrote this. Your product is called Senor Sangria well the question is, “Where is the dude.” Where is the senor? I know were the Captain has been. I know about the most interesting man who drinks Dos Equis. How many times do we have to thank Jose for that great hangover. So what about Senor?? I’m at a loss!!!!

  • Nathan

    When I think of buying sangria, I think of the intoxicating potency of wine mixed with brandy. When I see a giant Orange oversized in comparison to the grapes on the label, I think this is going to taste like oranges. It is eye catching, but that giant orange sends the wrong message. I ldo like the red top wrap and the off-center, wrap around label style. I also agree with Ed, Senor Sangria? Where’s the Mr.? Although that name makes me think of a drunk and disorderly, low class version of the Sandeman’s Port character. That would be amusing, but probably not a good marketing ploy.

  • Nina

    I like it alot. Perhaps elongating the grape image may balance out the big orange that some folks are noticing.

  • Kim

    I love the font and the background color. My first impression of the bottle would be that it would be something citrus-y because the orange is the most eye-catching feature. Unless you really want to highlight the orange flavor, you need to reduce its prominence on the label. I like the red around the bottle neck, since there’s a red border around the bottom of the label, it sort of completes the design. Even if you were to change the color on the neck, the mouth of the bottle should still be red. I also like the ‘senor sangria’, but I don’t get the same vibe off that phrase that I think others do.

  • Raj

    The label is eye-catching right now. It is a pleasant design. However, I do think that the big orange does need to be balanced out a bit – perhaps, as Nina suggested, by elongating the grape image. It also really does need a “senor” somewhere on the label. Possibly, a smiling farmer or some type of a lord peeking out from behind the fruit. Additionally, modifying the product name to “El Senor de Sangria” (or using this as a product slogan) might prove to be a bit more catchy to the masses. But, I will say that despite my suggestions, the current product packaging is okay to good. But, it does have a bit more to go to be great!!

  • Susan Vernicek

    I like the design. I love that it wraps around making you want to turn the bottle more. It’ s colorful and fun looking.

  • Mary Harvey

    LOVE it!!! And, we need a good new sangria on the market. I do in home shopping parties for women. With designer clothes from LA and at most of our salon shows we serve Sangria. So, I can’t wait to check it out and hopefully pass it on to all of our girls!!! E-mail me at if you ever want to sample it at any of our events in NJ, PA or DE

  • AT

    It’s a good design, but a bit too flashy.

  • Jon Sabel

    Very eye-catching…I like it a lot. I agree with some of the other suggestions regarding balancing out the image of the orange with the other fruits. Not sure what I think about adding a senor “mascot” to the label, but I see the point behind doing so. Also, what immediately came to mind when I saw the proposed bottle were the painted-on labels of the Virgin Vines bottles ( and how nice it would look if your label was painted as well (printed directly on the bottle instead of on a paper label). Just a thought. Good luck!

  • Saffie

    Beautiful. It’s fun and classy. The red exudes a Spanish influence and the brighter colors just make the label pop. I love it!

  • Tracy Hayes

    I very much like the look of this bottle… but if your asking for any comments that might help the design the one thing I noticed that bothered me a little.. was the fact that everything in the foreground has details except the leaf of the grapes. I would change that to have more shading. Besides from that slight change I think it looks great.

  • Tanisha

    I like it a lot. I especially like the bold colors and pics of fruit. When I think sangria I think fresh fruit in addition to wine. I am often disappointed when I order sangria in restaurants and there is no fresh fruit in the glass. While I like senor, senorita sangria is a little more catchy to me.

    Good luck and I hope you will ofter a launch party for NJYP members to sample the product.

  • http://NJYP Shelly Chvotzkin

    The label is great! Sophisticated, sheek, tasteful, and classy! If the taste is anything like the label…it is sure to sell! Great job!

  • Eridania M.

    It caught my attention (in a good way). The colors work well. Good luck!

  • Bonnie

    Excellent job. The Label and packaging looks great.

  • NG

    I think it’s a wonderful choice, the colors are an eye catcher. I hope for the best.

  • Jessica R.

    Actually, it is a nice design.

  • Laura

    looks good: eeez got litel touch of dees.. and dat.. Mucho good! SO when’s the taste test? That’s what I wanna know -the latin from Manhattan :-0)

  • silverivy

    I love the graphic elements of the label, but where are the apples? Sangria has flavor from apples and oranges.

  • Brian C

    Sweet. It was not my number one choice, but it was an extremely close second – definitely catches the eye. What would even make this sweeter is if this puts you one giant step closer us drinking! So what gives with the release? Summer’09? Spring? Next week?

  • Jason Ryerson

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    Good Luck Rick.

  • Eddie K

    Wow, I could definately see myself having a bottle of Senor Sangria with a good stew.
    Eddie K, Rahway N.J.

  • Sangria Blog

    We agree with you. Some folks may even use our white sangria to make chicken chili..

  • John Levenberg

    Hi Rick,
    Like the concept, but would suggest bringing some foil into the design. Your designer should be able to bring some colored foil into the label which will add an eye-catching element.

  • John Levenberg

    Hi Rick,
    Like the concept, but would suggest bringing some foil into the design. Your designer should be able to bring some colored foil into the label which will add an eye-catching element.