Live, Love, Sangria!
Follow our story as we start a business using our home sangria recipe...

Recently I’ve gotten many questions from people asking what should I serve my sangria in when throwing a party.

We’ve had lots of opportunity to make sangria for parties. We’ve tried many different containers. Below are a few that we think are the best.

1) For large quantities of sangria we recommend the following:

Great for serving sangria at large parties The container comes in multiple sizes. Of course we bought the largest. We cut out a notch at the top to let us hook a ladle on and still keep the lid closed. The ladle is handy for fishing out the tastes pieces of fruit. Now keep in mind we wouldn’t use this for a formal gathering or any sort of fancy party. This would be used for your average backyard BBQ. 

You can buy it at the Container Store: Click Here

2) For a normal quantity of sangria we recommend the following 

Great for serving sangria at small parties  

These containers are real usefully to lug around but it are not ideal for fishing out the fruit. I normally don’t put fruit into these containers. If I use these containers I’ll stick the fruit into a wide mouth plastic jar where you can spoon the fruit from.


You can buy it at the Container Store: Click Here

3) A more sophisticated serving container

Great for serving sangria at a small party

Now this is a clean and stylish way to present and server a good amount of sangria.


You can buy it at Crate & Barrel: Click Here

  • Helen Fedors

    Costco/BJ’s has these awesome glass fruit designed dispensers for about $26.00.

  • Brian

    If you settle on concept 2, the S…that would be simple and elegant symbol to add to a line of sohpisticated pitchers, maybe? Since the bottle is discarded, you might as well advertise where you can!