Live, Love, Sangria!
Follow our story as we start a business using our home sangria recipe...

So arctic blast number two (or is it three?) has come and gone (or is it still here?), and as we continue to work through the sangria “off-season” (a concept we begrudgingly accept but still don’t agree with), we do succumb to the reality that idle time increases. I have learned from experience that idle hands do carry forth the devil’s work. While there are plenty of pranks to be played in the snow, we try to turn our attention to support a better cause (but please, feel free to share your winter pranks).

I took a paragraph or two in a recent blog to look back, reflect, and pat ourselves on the back. While that puts a smile on my face, I refuse to let us rest on our laurels. It’s time to start projecting towards the next “season”. We’re looking at where we’ve excelled and succeeded, and where we’ve failed to execute. Outside of expanding into new territory, this represents our greatest opportunity for growth. If some corn syrup synthetic blend with a sangria label can find its way on most shelves, I’ll be damned if there isn’t a place for Senor Sangria.

So it comes down to education, both for us and our potential customers. Where has our strategy failed? To a beverage manager, in the end it’s about $$$, so it’s our job to get them to see potential revenue in the quality of our product and our history of incremental sales. We have to keep setting up tables to encourage strangers to give Senor Sangria a try. And for our fans and customers, we’re looking into hosting some events to show our appreciation. We are truly grateful to the folks that have helped to spread the word, and want to give back.

Now, remember! One bottle of Red, some Grand Marnier, and one cinnamon stick in a slow cooker and Senor Sangria fits right in with the winter season! Cheers!

  • Kirsten Cutshall

    Have you developed a “shortcut” recipe for making gluvine with your sangria? Like adding cinnamon sticks, cloves and heating? Would be a hot christmas drink and would show on pinterest well.