Live, Love, Sangria!
Follow our story as we start a business using our home sangria recipe...

On my last post I mentioned that I stopped someone coming out of the liquor store who had bought one of our competitors (Carlo Rossi Sangria). I gave her a sample of Senor Sangria and never thought that I would hear back. I pleasently surprised when I got an email this morning.

Below is the message I received…

Hi Rick,

You gave me a bottle of your sangria to test last weekend at the Wine Shop (Morris Turnpike) – it was delicious! I will definitely purchase your sangria in the future. It has just the right amount of sweetness and is very refreshing! Fantastic recipe!


I also took a screen shot of the email to show as proof. I now know the secret to selling our sangria. We need to stop everyone who buys one of our competitors products and have them sample our product. Sounds like a lot of work but we’ll do it!

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