Live, Love, Sangria!
Follow our story as we start a business using our home sangria recipe...

If you want to get noticed in a coffee shop take out a bottle of our sangria. That’s what I learned on Monday when brainstorming marketing ideas with a friend at a Starbucks in Midtown Manhattan.  

While talking through some grassroots marketing opportunities we caught the eye of 3 women who had met for coffee. Apparently the label on our bottle did its job by grabbing their attention. The next thing I know we have 4 cups with ice and we are sampling our sangria. I was a bit nervous as I waited for their response. There was a long pause, followed by a surprised look of “wow, this is pretty good”. At that point the flood gates opened, I could not stop talking about our sangria and how we got started.


The best part of the story is that the women live not to far away from the winery where we are bottling our sangria. In addition one of the women knows the owner of a fairly large liquor store in NY. While we sat there she sent a text to the owner of the liquor store, letting him know that this a guy with a crazy dream of bottling great sangria will be calling him later in the week.


Moral to the story, if you are looking to market your product go to a Starbucks in NYC.

  • Paul Burani

    As the guy sitting opposite Rick when this little impromptu party took place… one thing he didn’t notice was all the people walking in or out of the Starbucks, craning their necks with curious looks on their faces. A question to the readers: where is the most unlikely space you’d expect someone to break out a bottle of sangria?