Live, Love, Sangria!
Follow our story as we start a business using our home sangria recipe...

Polar Vortex??? Not everyone knew what the heck that was prior to a couple weeks ago, but just about half the country figured out that it’s essentially an arctic hurricane. A ton of fresh snow was dumped across the northeast, and parents didn’t let their kids out to frolic in the winter wonderland for fear of frostbite within just minutes. Schools closed or delayed opening, roads closed, airports closed. Niagara Falls even partially froze.

Now it didn’t take a polar vortex for the folks here at Senor Sangria to realize ‘tis isn’t exactly the season for sangria, but that didn’t stop our Sales Managers Allen and Kendell. They strapped on their snow shoes and worked to [literally] break the ice with new retailers. It might not be realistic to expect a store manager to stand up our display or even place an order; but they are willing to let us introduce ourselves and taste a sample. So as the ground thaws and thoughts turn to beaches, BBQs, and backyard fun, when we swing by again it’s not a cold call. And if we’ve done our job getting the word out and the retailer realizes the demand, we’ve built another relationship and added another point of sales.

Now, all that being said, our sales manager Kendell ignored the naysayers and demonstrated that Senor Sangria can absolutely be that beverage that warms the body and soul on a chilly day. In a slow cooker he combined Senor Sangria Red, a cinnamon stick, and a shot of Grand Marnier. He served it at a retailer and received rave reviews! Give it a try, or play around with the concept and let us know!


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